Lat 39 wormfarm Owhango   
                                                              Formerly known as      Gronouwe Enterprises Wormfarm      established 1998
                                                            State Highway 4 Owhango Township                 The ID number on our section gateway =  2153
   How to find our wormfarm :
  When  living in- or visiting New Zealand :
  From Auckland, follow State Highway 1 South, travelling through Hamilton, follow State Highway 4 down to Taumarunui.

  From Taumarunui direction National Park after about 19 Km , you reach Owhango township and the farm is the third house on your left.

  From Wellington, you travel North along State Highway 1 to Waiuru where you turn left towards Ohakune and past Ohakune you get to a T junction,
  where you turn right onto State Highway 4 until you reach Owhango.
The farm is the second house past the Owhango public Hall  n your right.

   History to 2001 :
  We started the venture in 1998, after a visit from our cousin from the Netherlands, we looked over the property and decided to do something with it,
  after all we had been living in Owhango since 1965, without starting more than a veggie garden.
  Commencing at the back of the section, we cleared all vegetation, which was getting out of hand anyway,
  and laid a concrete foundation with poles and a roof, to house the wormboxes. ( Cost $ 3500 NZ$ )

   Our production and products for sale :
  We stocked our wormboxes, some 30 Sq Mtrs with a starting population of 5 Kg Eusenia Foetida worms,
  and 12 months later bought more stock from a closing wormfarm venture in Auckland, mainly Lumbricus Rubella worms, locally we found some worms which turned   out to be Dendrodrilus Rubicus, and added them to our boxes and from a wormfarm in Kaeo, Northland, we obtained Eiseniella Rubicus worms.
  These different breeds have emigrated to all our boxes (15) and produced Wormcastings, Vermicast and Leachate which we sell locally.

   Definitions :
  Worm castings.Wormcast is the material digested by the worms; it contains micro-organisms and therefore should be handled with gloves,
  especially by children and older people, DO NOT breathe the dust !
  Vermicast. Vermicast is similar to wormcastings, the difference is that the vermicast has not been screened and therefore contains undigested material.
  Leachate. Leachate, sometimes called wormpiss, is the fluid draining from the boxes  where the worms are kept.
  It also means a fluid which is derived from mixing wormcastings with water and consists of highly soluble plant nutrients.
  Point of fact : All these products are in a form which the plants can use straight away.

   How to use our products :
  A handful of wormcastings or vermicast will help ailing plants to get going again. just spread some around once a week.
  A solution of 1 in 10 of leachate is recommended for ground applications.
  A solution of 1 in 100 of leachate acts as an insect repellent, as it will make most insects leave the affected plants
  when sprayed with the solution, wich does not harm the plants .  
  The regular use of these products will build up the fertility of the soil, it is full of minerals, trace elements and microlife.
    Our co-workers :

                         Mieuw inspects the wormfood and relaxes on top of the wormbed   
                       Mieuw was 9 and a half years old, and with the help of six neighbouring cats kept the mice and rats out of the wormboxes.
                        She died one night while hunting along the gutter on the main road in front of the house, a truck blew her against the curbing.
                                                                                     3rd February 2003  R.I.P. Mieuw.
                         The fantails , a typical New Zealand bird keep the small insects out of the shed .

                                                         The Boss and the new trainee Mies.      
                                                       Mies also lost her life on the main road, she had been hunting at the gardens across the road and got hit by a car.  
                                                       The Boss rubbed wormcastings on his face that is why he looks like this ! 
                                                              Both these cats found a resting place just beside the wormshed.

                                                                                                                                                                         Return to the top of the page Here.