Who is Hanshendrik ?                                   Here he is, sitting on a rock on the top of Mount Ruapehu in the North Island in New Zealand.
a retired bloke, wanting to do some constructive work, and get paid a decent return for that.

Life for me started in 1930, when I was born in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, I went to a Montessori Kindergarten,
and my primary education was at the First Netherlands Monterssori School, high-school education was Montessori
based as well, we could learn at our own pace, and pick up as much as we were interested in from each subject.
Professional education I got at an Agricultural Winter School while living-working on  a farm for practice.

AS I was brought up in the city, and not really used to living Rural, I found it difficult to get a good position on  a farm in the Netherlands as prospective employers had a bias towards employing somebody with a City-life background  (early 1950).

My Great-grand father's home farm was not likely to be available to me in the future as there were two children ahead of me in line of succession.

So in 1951 a decision was made to emigrate to a more favourable country where I would not be asked where I came from,
but what I could do and how clever I would be in my work on the farm, maybe have an opportunity to develop further.

From 1951 to 1965 I therefore went to work for wages on about 9 different farms in New Zealand,
shepherding and farm maintenance.
Climate and type of population were most favourable  for me there.

In 1965 I managed to purchase my present home in Owhango for a low price in the small  village of 250 inhabitants.
I took on working under contracts instead of working for a boss and living in their home.
I was fencing, scrubcutting and doiung Maintenance work on several farms and stations , sometimes travelling  long distances to and from the various jobs.
Soon discovering that you only make a decent income by staying on the job in-situ, so I lived in a tent most of the time, only coming home to my property in Owhango when I had finished a contract or the weather became inclement.

Interesting was the work I did in the spring each year; for three months I was employed by the Auckland Livestock Association, later renamed Herd Improvement Association, But what is in a name ?
One year I serviced 4 groups before other AB technicians took over, inseminating over 200 cows a day for a week.
The "homegroup" around the Taumarunui district had only 1000 cows to be serviced, involving 230 miles of travelling between farms every day, which made me the highest paid AB field technician in the association.
I stuck to this job for 25 years, before retirement age forced me to leave.

By that time I was doing other work in the wintermonths from May to September.
Took on professionally freeze branding stock, successfully branding cows, horses and even dogs, but missed out on doing the dolphins at marineland in Napier which would have put a crown on my experience before stopping that job in 1997.
We were not making much profit as the economy in New Zealand started to slow down but we made the ends meet.
Fencing was another occupation during the rest of my working time.

At the age of 60 I was lucky enough to get my "superannuation" from the New Zealand government.
In 1992 the government discovered that they were retiring people too early, it became too costly to support all those grey people, so they changed the retiring age  to 65 years of age.

Still  doing the Freezebranding in the years before my real retirement, I got a little bit of extra income during the winter, and had free board and lodging on each farm I serviced as I travelled between them.
All in all I branded about 100.000 animals in the 30 years I did this job, but as I developed a chronic infection in one shoulder
I had to give it up in the end.

In my spare time I developed and improved my home singlehanded and bought my first computer in 1979, a Casio FX-9000.
Lots of fun with that,taught myself programming in Casio-Basic and later going on to Q-Basic and Extended Q-basic.
During a trip to Australia to visit my Niece, I purchased another computer and have been upating computers ever since, but we all do that.
Now I am on the broadband internet with a 24 hour connection.

July 16 2002 I joined the Discount Home Shoppers Club, upgrading three days later and got my first (and only) cheque.
About the DHSC and my upline team :
After  upgrading to VIP, I had plenty of good advice and training from my Team Captain and higher up in the hierachy.
The patience she had with me is to be admired, I came up with some silly questions , did things the wrong way and generally
making a mess of the job.
The whole job became too much for me and was awkward to keep going because it was based in the USA, and would have caused double taxation so I gave it up.          I believe it is still going  today.

Today I am involved with WORMFARMING, started in 1996, and it is an interesting hobby even if I make practically no income from it, very few people know what I am talking about if I tell them that I have WORMCASTINGS to sell.
My website is still under construction, but will be available at http://www.simurl/wo.02 in the near future.
Keep an eye out for that, the old version has been online for a while until some hacker interfered with it lately.
Nose back to the grindstone for me.  been back to Europe for holidays 5 times, but always been glad to be back in New Zealand.

        With my cousin on a trip            Sorry but I do NOT smoke or drink,  just a glass of fruitjuice in my hand.