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My Holiday in the Netherlands 1989                                      and                                                  Slovenia
                      Trip to Ruapehu (NZ)    With my Oldest cousin.    Sorry, but I don't smoke.                   Dropped the camera after taking this picture.
Four months in the Netherlands May to September 2000

Supermarket scene                                                An aak on the river                                               Sailing into Amsterdam

The Palace of peace Maduro Dam                        A farmbuilding Maduro Dam                                  Poffertjes Zwolle funfair.

Trip with my Sister and her friend to Lake Bohinj (Slovenia) June 2000.

How the Slovene farmers keep their hay for the winter.                         The house we borrowed for a day        Start of trip to the top.

On our way by ( shank's pony ) .           Start of the climb.                                     Bohinj Falls.              Dinner with collegae ( Ljubljana ).
Want to know more about Bohinj ?       Click HERE for the official website.

I live close to the Auckland-Wellington  railwayline and this special train came through Owhango Oct-Nov 2009

                   To Taumarunui .                                            Coming back through Owhango.                   Bye, bye,  going back down south.

My garden in the spring.

                  The grapevine along the fence.                        The bulbs I never removed [yet].                    White flowered borage.

Building the wormshed at the back of the section 1996 to 1997 Owhango.

                   The start of the job.                                        Progressing nicely.                                           Ready and populated with worms.

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